Should I Make Asymmetrical Earring Sets?

I’m tossing around some new designs, but I want your feedback!

Tell me what you want to see on the store shelves!






Chinchilla Dangles

These earrings are created from molted or shed chinchilla Schlappen feathers gathered from birds raised in Northern California. These rooster feathers are then dyed with nontoxic, environmentally friendly dyes to create vibrant colors for any wardrobe. I then match them with guinea feathers to create an eye-catching pattern. I love the sparkle from the Swarovski crystals!
There are seven dyed varieties available currently: turquoise, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, and orange. Each has a matched pair of stripped guinea feathers and Swarovski crystals.
I also offer a natural option—made from chinchilla Schlappen feathers with pheasant tops and Swarovski crystals.








Updated Color with a Conscience Designs!

Here are some awesome feathers that support the Parrot and Macaw Rescue! They are all molted feathers, so the birds did not have to die to produce them!

These are Macaw Feathers on a beautiful nickel free knot work finding ($13):


These are just one pair of my five remaining sets of naturally shed peacock feathers ($15 each) in copper or silver:


Finally, I have an awesome pair of yellow Parrot flutters ($12):


All of these designs are one of a kind! They are also all part of the “Color with a Conscience” promotion benefiting the Parrot and Macaw Rescue!


Color with a Conscience

We have an awesome cause to support! It’s “Color with a Conscience”!

Love colorful feather earrings? Now, you can get parrot and macaw feather earrings while supporting the Parrot and Macaw rescue!

It works like this:


These lovely feathers are naturally molted by the rescued residents of the Macaw Rescue of Northern California. The Rescue gathers the feathers and sells them to local artisans to create lasting pieces. The feathers are only sold to a select few and wait list is long.

The proceeds from feather sales provide food, shelter, and care to these gorgeous birds–all of whom have been rescued from either abuse or black market sale.

Now, you can help care for these birds. You can purchase from our Color with a Conscience Collection. You’ll receive one of a kind earrings and help save parrots and macaws!

Color your Conscience with bright baubles!

Want to know if your earrings are shed feathers from a living bird? Look for our special symbol: