New Royalty Collection

My new collection celebrates the Faery Court in all its glory. Bedeck yourself as a Queen of the Fey:

Become Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness, with these iridescent black green dangles. Mab is the bringer of dreams, the power behind nightmares, the mistress of all things dark and dangerous.

Each night colored feather is topped with a multifaceted gray black crystal, reminiscent of those glittering dangerous eyes of Mab. ($18)


Next, you can clothe yourself as the Queen of Ice and Winter, she who holds the very lifeblood of the world in suspension–she who calls forth blizzards and forces Jack Frost to bow to her. ($13)


Finally, you can become the Harvest Queen, the most celebrated of the Fey. The queen who pushes back against Ice and Darkness, sustaining the world with her bounty. ($13)



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