Rehab for Your Old Earrings

Do you have earrings that you’ve worn to death? Or maybe ones that need an update to be wear worthy now? I know I do! I have several pairs that I bought on sale at Kohls, or some other department store, or had given to me. Recently, I figured out that at least four of my friends and coworkers owned the same pair of metal multiple hoop dangles that I did. How did I figure that out? Oh, by being twinsies with a couple of them at a nice party (yeah, that’s not embarrassing or anything).

I decided after that to update and rehab some of my earrings into something that would never be mistaken for someone else’s jewelry! Here’s how!

1. Choose complimentary feathers

I selected some gray guinea feathers and wrapped the shaft with a complimentary silver fold over end.

2. Attach jump rings or chains if needed, so that the feathers hang well with the earrings

I had to attach a small chain, so the feathers hung with the hoops, rather than sticking out.


3. Do a trial wear to check for proper hang and movement
I wore these to work and figured out that I needed to add an extra jump ring to keep the feathers from twisting on the chain.



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