The Proper Care and Feeding…of Feather Earrings?!

Feather earrings are unique. 10 to 1, it’s why you bought them. They were something completely different than the regular fashion accessories that we pick up at Kohls or JcPenney. It’s part of the allure and draw in these special creations. Their uniqueness doesn’t end there. Feather earrings require proper care to remain the lovely pieces of jewelry that you purchased.

1. Storage:
Feather earrings should be stored hanging up or laying flat without other items smashing them. When you hang the feathers, make sure that they have adequate space to hang without getting bent or separated by other hooks or earrings. Feathers can get beat up badly if they are inadequately stored.

Hanging your feather earrings is the best storage method

2. Care when Wearing:
When planning your feather earring wardrobe, always check the weather. A windy day where you’ll be outside a lot is probably not the best day to wear tiny kites on your ears. Not only will you end up with some hair tangles, but the feathers will get beat up too.
The other jewelry that you’re wearing can also cause your feathers to wear prematurely. I was wearing a killer pair of turquoise coque hackles on a flutter chain that came down past my collarbone. They were gorgeous! The only problem was that I had a big, chunky chain on that kept catching the little feathers when I moved my neck left or right. I noticed that I was pulling on my ear holes and getting the feathers all ragged through the tug-a-war.
Finally, clothes and hair are constantly in contact with your earrings if your ‘do is past ear length. I don’t know about you, but I’m a compulsive hair flipper. I constantly toss my tresses over my shoulder. I was pretty upset when I realized I was tossing my feather earrings over my shoulder, too, and I had managed to forcibly rip a feather out. Oops.

3. Care After Wearing:
After a long day of work, I tend to toss off my jewelry in a small pile on my bureau, kick my shoes into the corner, and pretty much divest myself of my day. Feather earrings require a little bit more care that my usual jewelry handling routine. After you remove the earrings, inspect them carefully for missing or lose feathers, smooth the feathers back into shape, and hang the earrings.

4. Cleaning Feathers:
If you’re concerned that your feathers are getting dingy or dusty, you can wash certain types of feathers. In most cases, I recommend hanging the feathers in the bathroom while you shower to steam them, allow them to cool, and wear. If you do need to be more extensive with cleaning your feather earrings, you can wash certain types carefully. Note: Synthetic feathers, dyed feathers, or very fluffy feathers should never be washed.

These feather earrings are not washable. This is due to the fact that they are both fluffy and dyed.

If you select to wash your natural pinion feather earrings, here’s how:
–take a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand and mix with warm water to create suds.
–gently rest each side of the feather against the suds and let shampoo absorb for 30 seconds.
–spritz feathers gently with cool water from a spray bottle until all the shampoo is removed.
–do not touch the feathers. hang them to dry.
–once the feathers are completely dry, you can smooth them back into shape.
Cleaning your natural feathers should not be done more than once a month. Again, I don’t recommend it unless you really need to because it’s hard on the feathers.

These pinions are naturally these colors and are resilient enough to wash. I have not attempted to wash this pair yet; however.


One thought on “The Proper Care and Feeding…of Feather Earrings?!

  1. rachel says:

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve been making my own feather earrings and I want to ensure they can stay their best for as long as possible!!

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