Why I Like to Wear Feathers

I started making feather earrings because I was getting headaches from certain outrageous earrings I was sporting. I love my ears and I have both lobes triple-pierced. I’m all for piling on the various lengths and styles to create an earring extravaganza. I was noticing that all those earrings feel like a ton of dead weight when you’re having allergies, or they were freezing cold in the winter!

Enter feather earrings–light weight, delicate, and not full of metal. Not only that–I discovered that I could better control the quality of the findings and hardware used in the earring construction. I have a nickel allergy and sensitive ears, so I was constantly testing earrings by purchasing things and getting swollen, hot earlobes. I ended up saving a lot of time by purchasing a nickel testing kit online and I swabbed every piece of jewelry I owned! I’m on to my third kit now and I’m still testing all the materials that my ears come in contact with–shockingly, I’ve discovered the occasional nickel-positive finding in my hypoallergenic finding sets.

Overall, I’ve found that I have less problems with my earrings and ears when I use natural products–wood, feathers, stone, pearls, glass, or combinations of those items. It’s more fun for me because I can create something original. A design or a color combination that perfectly matches an outfit, or exactly fits my mood.

So comment and show me the earrings that you’re rockin’ today and what about your mood that you’re expressing!

In fact, it was a snowy, cold day today and I wanted something that felt warm and soft, so here are the earrings I made:



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