The Pentatonix

Earrings so beautiful, you will be moved to tears. Just like when you hear Pentatonix.





New Royalty Collection

My new collection celebrates the Faery Court in all its glory. Bedeck yourself as a Queen of the Fey:

Become Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness, with these iridescent black green dangles. Mab is the bringer of dreams, the power behind nightmares, the mistress of all things dark and dangerous.

Each night colored feather is topped with a multifaceted gray black crystal, reminiscent of those glittering dangerous eyes of Mab. ($18)


Next, you can clothe yourself as the Queen of Ice and Winter, she who holds the very lifeblood of the world in suspension–she who calls forth blizzards and forces Jack Frost to bow to her. ($13)


Finally, you can become the Harvest Queen, the most celebrated of the Fey. The queen who pushes back against Ice and Darkness, sustaining the world with her bounty. ($13)


Rehab for Your Old Earrings

Do you have earrings that you’ve worn to death? Or maybe ones that need an update to be wear worthy now? I know I do! I have several pairs that I bought on sale at Kohls, or some other department store, or had given to me. Recently, I figured out that at least four of my friends and coworkers owned the same pair of metal multiple hoop dangles that I did. How did I figure that out? Oh, by being twinsies with a couple of them at a nice party (yeah, that’s not embarrassing or anything).

I decided after that to update and rehab some of my earrings into something that would never be mistaken for someone else’s jewelry! Here’s how!

1. Choose complimentary feathers

I selected some gray guinea feathers and wrapped the shaft with a complimentary silver fold over end.

2. Attach jump rings or chains if needed, so that the feathers hang well with the earrings

I had to attach a small chain, so the feathers hung with the hoops, rather than sticking out.


3. Do a trial wear to check for proper hang and movement
I wore these to work and figured out that I needed to add an extra jump ring to keep the feathers from twisting on the chain.


Cruelty Free Feathers?!

It felt like a gimmick at first–cruelty free feathers. I’m pretty certain the birds that these feathers came from are dead now, so how can the feathers be cruelty free?

I started investigating some various suppliers and I found that cruelty-free feathers are gathered from free range and humanely raised chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and peacocks. I have to admit that I was somewhat relieved that I wasn’t somehow furthering the horrible conditions that some animals suffer in.

I also started looking at feather quality. Humanely raised birds who get fresh air, exercise, and nutritious food have shinier, more lustrous feathers. The feathers last longer, too.

Cruelty-free Peacock feathers were extremely important to me. I wanted to make sure that peacocks weren’t being cruelty denuded of their blood feathers and left to bleed out. I previously volunteered at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and I watched firsthand how horribly a peacock dies when its blood feathers are pulled.

My feather suppliers are all based in the United States. They adhere to strict federal guidelines to be able to list themselves as cruelty-free. I also get an added bonus: peace of mind that any cleaning methods and dye processes are safe.

Come to find out, cruelty free feathers aren’t quite the news worthy item that I thought they would be. It does make me feel better knowing I’m offering the highest quality feathers–and in turn, feather earrings–possible.