New Designs Available Now

Here’s a quick preview of the new designs that I currently have available. As I was nickel-testing some of the findings, I discovered that not all of the hypoallergenic hardware was passing as nickel-free. So, I will list specifically in each post if the earrings have all hypo-allergenic findings, or hooks only. Enjoy!


SOLD Items

We had a great week sending fabulous feather earrings all over the city! Here’s an update on styles that have sold out. I will be attempting to create similar pairs and color combos–I am having a hard time getting black/iridescent rooster tail base feathers, so I’ll post when they become available.








Pink Drabs with Bead Accent

These earrings have great movement and dress up or down nicely. Drabs look very delicate and are quite lightweight, so I was concerned about weighing them down with a bead until I found this wire mesh silver beads at a craft store. Both components are light and won’t create strain on your lobes. The hooks and hardware are hypoallergenic and the dye does not rub off. $6.


Turquoise Feathers and beautiful Hoops

These are the most eye catching earrings I’ve had the please of creating thus far. It took some time for me to find hypoallergenic hoops, but they finally came in stock and I jumped at the chance to use some of my gorgeous coque hackles in turquoise. They are lighter in weight than they look and I found a very light synthetic bead for the center, rather than the glass beads that I had originally selected (they were just too heavy with the glass beads). These earrings are $15. I do offer custom design and discounts for multiple earring set purchases.

Turquoise Delicates

This is a pair that originally made for myself and I’m considering getting rid of since I don’t have much turquoise in my wardrobe. It’s a mixture of white turkey feather (back), dyed Coque Hackle (middle), and a guinea feather on top.

3 Feather combos like this run $15-$19.

Black and Pink Ke$ha style earrings

BlackĀ and pink Ke$ha style earrings. I made these of natural rooster feathers, steamed to curve with my neck and compliment face shape. While the pink/black top feather is obviously dyed, it’s shown decent color fastness. The whole earring is hanging on hypoallergenic sterling hooks.

Two feather combos like this range from $9–$14.